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If your pictures were currency, how would you stack up?

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If your pictures were currency, how would you stack up?

Money bank

You grow, protect, and ensure immediate access to your financial currency (money), but how do you treat your emotional currency (pictures, videos, and files)?

You know how much money you have and where your money is located. You also do your best to make sure it's secure, try to grow it, and spend it on things that make you happy! But, what about your pictures, videos, and files?

We have our pictures stored all over the place. On our phones, laptops, external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, texts, emails, and multiple social media platforms. This is bananas! We spend so much of our lives taking pictures and accumulating digital memories; turns out we are good at taking them but bad at organizing and storing our emotional currency, AKA our pictures and videos. In our defense, there is not a simple way to easily store our pictures and files in one location, organize them, and share them privately, yet.

Some of the most common solutions we are using today to store and organize our pictures and files are cobbled together. Most of us have a ton of photos and not exactly sure where specific pictures or files are located. We also probably have every intention of moving our pictures to a safe back-up location, and most certainly have our revolving resolution of sitting down one weekend and “organizing all our photos” but never actually do so. In addition, it’s 2020 and our sharing capabilities stink. We don’t have an intuitive solution to privately share our pictures and videos with our friends and family.

This frustration has been the driving force behind the development of Kinstak a private cloud storage solution that automatically organizes pictures, videos, and files into personalized categories that are easy to find and share privately with friends and family.

Kinstak makes it easy to back-up by the click of a button bringing your pictures/files into one place; your own private cloud storage. Kinstak is built with the same enterprise technologies as some of the largest cloud-based companies such as Netflix and Airbnb and powered by Kinstak’s patent-pending technology to instantly organize all your photos, videos, media, and files. You’ll never need to build another file folder again!

Like your money Kinstak wants your pictures to be available when you want them and need them.

Kinstak is currently accepting users for the beta launching this Winter 2020.

If interested sign-up today for free at

About the Author

Carolyn Eagen female founder of Kinstak, a technology start-up formed in 2020 based out of Tampa, Florida. With over a decade of experience in advanced analytics, big data, and cloud technologies; she brings a unique perspective to solving personal data organization and storage problems that advocate data privacy and responsible AI.

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