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Founder & Military Family Member & Parent

Carolyn was adopted and grew up not knowing much about her family. That is why when she started her family she wanted a way to build a private cloud storage system for her children to capture their stories and have a digital legacy.

Her adopted mother Major Joan M. Wells, MM (ret.) US Airforce; was a powerful influence on Carolyn. Joan's story has lived on within her family only by Carolyn sharing stories and photos with her children. She shares what she knows about Joan's service and how she paved the way for many other aspiring women leaders. However, many of Joan's stories were lost when she passed away unexpectedly in 1999 when Carolyn was only 24 years old.

Carolyn believes with today's technology there is a better way to store, organize, find, and share, our families stories with friends and family for generations to come.

Her background in Big Data and Analytics has helped her in creating Kinstak to provide Military Family's with an easy and affordable way to store, organize, find, and share their digital legacy

Carolyn Eagen

Carolyn Eagen


Joan Wells Aug 1965 Germany

Preserve Your Story

Never Build a File Folder!

Say good bye to building file folders and manual sorting. You can now upload and forget about it and Kinstak will do the rest!


To preserve and protect parents and military members family stories and digital legacy for generations.


Provide a private cloud storage that is secure, and ease to store, organize, interact, and protect family's digital legacy, privacy, and a VR enabled bridge to the connect with future generations.


Top Innovation of the Year - Young Start-up Venture Summit 2021

Woman Owned Tech Competition Finalist - PS27  2022

Features & Upgrades

History and Heritage are LOST within 2 Generations!

Parents' personal data is increasing to unmanageable levels. Current storage only offers disjointed solutions, offline, online, and multiple devices. No easy way exists to store personal data in one location for easy access. And, in military families deployments, assignments, and PCS moves to make it more difficult to stay organized!

Easily upload photos, videos, and files. Drag and drop into a private cloud "Kin-tainer"!
Intelligent personalized organization. Kinstak will build categories based making it easy to find what you need when you need it and go back revisit your families milestones and scratch your nostalgic itch.
Know how much storage you need in advance with the data Sizer and with the dup-detector Kinstak cleans up your KinTainer! 

Expert Team.

The Kinstak founding team and advisors have over 80+ years of combined expertise in big data, analytics, design, and cloud infrastructure. They are also parents and want to bring our data to life and not compromise privacy.




CEO, Founder

Jovi HSa



CAIO, Co-Founder

Eberjan HS



CTO, Co-Founder

Matt HS LI



Principal Architect, Co-Founder 

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